Ethiopia - Anderacha Washed
Ethiopia - Anderacha Washed

Ethiopia - Anderacha Washed

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White Grape, Orange, Floral, Milk Chocolate, Fruity and Floral

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Abana Coffee Estate might just be one of our favourite coffee-growing areas in the world. Everything they produce is stunning, layered, clean and complex. So it's no wonder that their coffee pretty much sells out before it even reaches our shores. And starting our roastery in November, four months after most Ethiopian coffee lands, we had pretty much given up on getting any Abana this year. That was until they said they had just TWO bags left of this lovely washed coffee, and we couldn't say no. This won't last long, but the 2020 harvest is currently underway so expect to see more of this in the coming months!

Region - Gera, Limu

Producer - Mike Omran at Abana Coffee Estates

Process - Washed

Variety - Ethiopian Landrace Varieties

Altitude - 1933 - 2200m