Colombia - Yolando Moncayo
Colombia - Yolando Moncayo

Colombia - Yolando Moncayo

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Tropical Fruits, Blackcurrant, Green Apple, Expressive and Distinct

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This tiny, one bag nano-lot offers us one of the most profound expressions of terroir that we’ve seen in a coffee all year. Deeply fruited, juicy and sweet, this coffee comes to us from Yolando Moncayo and his farm in the North Part of Nariño. Here, large temperature swings between day and night force more sugars and acids to develop inside of coffee cherries, leading to incredible and distinct flavours of tropical fruits, deep and juicy blackcurrant and mouthwatering green apple. 

Region - Nariño, Colombia

Producer - Yolando Moncayo

Process - Long Fermentation Washed

Variety - Caturra, Castillo, Colombia