Panama - Creativa Coffee District - La Estrella

Panama - Creativa Coffee District - La Estrella

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Graham Cracker, Red Apple, Tropical, Creamy

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This is another stunning lot from the Equation Coffee folks (the same folks behind La Palma y El Tucan and DelAgua), and we're super excited to have it in our lineup. After purchasing an old, disused coffee mill in Northern Panama, they have transformed it into a combination artist showcase and coffee processing facility, serving as a canvas for coffee professionals to combine creativity in art and in coffee. 

This honey processed coffee is sweet and creamy, with flavours of graham cracker and honey, juicy red apple, and exciting tropical fruits. 

Region - Chiriqui Province, Panama

Producer - Creativa Coffee District and Rafael Sarceny

Process - Honey

Variety - Catuai, Typica

Altitude -  1500m