Ethiopia Koke Honey
Ethiopia Koke Honey

Ethiopia Koke Honey

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Juicy Cherry, Peach, Tropical, Rose, Intense and Fruity

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Nestled on the side of a hill, with coffee grown all around it, the Koke Washing Station consistently produces some of the best coffee in Yirgacheffe. While they consistently produce delicious washed and natural coffees, this honey-processed coffee represents some of their best work. With gorgeous high notes of peach, apricot and jasmine, and deeper, sweeter notes of strawberry, cherry, and tropical fruits, this coffee wows us with everything that we could ever want in an Ethiopian coffee.

Region - Yirgacheffe  

Producer - Smallholders with the Koke Washing Station  

Process - Honey with two day whole cherry fermentation  

Variety - Kurume, Wolisho, Dega  

Altitude - 1800m