We've decided to start redistributing our sales from one day each month to organizations working for Working Class and/or Black Liberation, BIPOC industry professionals in need, or local Denver organizations working for these same things. As a non-black, mostly white-owned business we know that this road was easier and more accessible for us and we want to be sure our company is financially recognizing the inequities and abuse in our current society. Please reach out with any questions or organizations/people to whom we could redistribute our money.


Please note- these are NOT donations. We do not write them off on our taxes. The idea of donations and charity organizations stems from social inequities created by greed and the hoarding of wealth and resources. Specific charities further divide what society needs in order to meet everyone's basic needs of housing, healthcare, and access to food and water. We intentionally redistribute funds to organizations whose sole goal is to transform the worsening capitalistic crises via socialism or to people whom have suffered the most at the hands of capitalism so we can help change their material reality.


Redistribution Report (Updated 9.8.2020)

September Redistribution Report- PSL Political Prisoners

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